Upgrading the website

In the next week or so, you may see our picture gallery go blank. I’m in process of upgrading the software and doing some moves with our website. So if you come to this site and wonder what happen to all the pictures, then don’t say I didn’t warn you! You should be seeing a new picture gallery with some cool new features, so check back frequently.

Crazy Busy!

So I haven’t posted a blog in a while, since Melanie and I have been really busy with work, the new house, social events and our new dog Parker. Let’s get you caught up…

End of January – Purchased a new place

February – Unpacking, selling the old place, and getting rid of all the old looking stuff in the new place. What I mean by getting rid of the old stuff is, drapes, gold accessories, ceiling fans, base and door trim, and painting the new place.

March – Went to China, where I was blogging like mad. Found out my buddy Shinny got married while I was out there, CONGRATS to the new couple, and also meet up with two old and close friend Eric and JJ.

April – Got older by a year, checked out the Hearst Castle with Melanie, and Melanie and I met my friend Alan’s fiance Joann

May – Grandma had her 95th birthday and everyone came out, went to Las Vegas for a training, then to Reno for my friend Brian’s bachelors party, lost a lot of money in both gambling cities, and Melanie and I went to one of the most incredible wedding’s we’ve been to, Congrats to Mike and Thuy

June – Ya it’s the start of the month and it’s already hectic. Got a new Heartland shed put into the back yard, man is this thing big! Cleared out the garage and now we have room for two cars. Melanie and I also have 2 Weddings to attend, one of which I’m in and Melanie and I pretty much have this whole month booked.

Well that’s sums it up! Check out our picture page when you get a chance. We’ve uploaded pictures of Parker (the new dog), grams 95th, mike and thuy’s wedding, and the shed. Here’s the URLs:

Pics of Parker


Grandma’s 95th Birthday


Mike and Thuy’s wedding


The new shed, which allows us to park two car in our garage


Home sweet home

Melanie and I just got back from Hong Kong today and we’re really happy to be back. As great of an experience China was, it’s always nice to be home again. Expecially me, since I’ve been gone for 2.5 weeks. We were so happy to see our Tobi Tobi! The only bad thing about being back is Melanie and I are fighting off sickness. I ate something bad our last 2 days in China that definitely didn’t agree with my stomach and Melanie thinks she’s getting sick. I guess there’s always a good chance of that happening when you travel. Anyways, we’re happy to be home again and just in time for my Grandmothers 95th birthday this weekend.

If you haven’t looked lately, all our pictures from China have been posted. My ISP (Internet Service Provider) has been moving servers, so if the site isn’t up when you check, just come back and check again.

Click here to see the latest China pictures

Found a new favorite dessert in China

So I’ve been trying a lot of desserts in China. As of this afternoon, it was this dessert called hot pudding. Pretty much it’s tapiocca pudding, with red bean in the middle, then carmelized sugar on top like a creme brulee. It’s served warm and very yummy.

I ate at a Vietnamese restaurant tonight and ordered this drink that I thought was juice, it was labeled “Mango, AloeVera, and Mint drink” It came out and OH was it yummy! It’s an exotic Icee, pretty much the bottom is Mango slushy, Top is Mint, then there’s these cubes that taste like lychee, but I guess they’re aloe vera. Check out the pic.

Mango, Aloe Vera, Mint Drink

Anyways, one more day until Melanie get’s out there to enjoy this wonderful food with me. I’ve added some new pics to food and 2 pictures to Shenzhen if you’re interested.

Click here for China pixs

Great weekend

So I’m back to the second day of the grind, but I had a really good weekend. I caught up with my old friend Eric, who pretty much got me my first job at NHT. Eric live here on Hong Kong Island and has a great place and is a fellow Porsche owner. Pretty much we ate well, drank, and watch some movies on his killer home theater.

I’ve posted some new pics if you want to check them out.

Click here to see new pics and then click on the Hong Kong Island link

Couldn’t sleep

So I’ve waken up at 4 am, since I couldn’t sleep. Checked some e-mail and added more pics from my China trip. I’m spending most of my time in China (vs. Hong Kong), I’ve taken more pictures of ShenZhen where I’m working, check out the ShenZhen section if you want to see some new pics with me actually in them.

Click here, then on the ‘Shenzhen’ album

Going to try to go to bed now…

2 busy months!

So it’s been a hectic 2 months and one of the many reasons you haven’t seen a blog here in a while. To summarize, here’s what happened:

-Melanie and I moved to a new place

Click here to see our new place

-Adding new baseboards and trim to the house, then getting our new place painted

-In process of selling our old townhouse

-Every Siphon customer has called with work needed to be done or completed


-Work has been crazy busy at Centrify (My new job)

-Tax season is here, I have to deal with personal and 2 side businesses

-And last, where I’m writing from in my hotel at Sha Tin, Hong Kong. Yes, I was sent to Hong Kong and China for business, Melanie will be meeting me here in 2 weeks. I’ll be updating pics all through the next 2 weeks.

Click here to see pictures of our China trip March 2006

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll post more as my trip goes on, so check back often.

November 2005, a month to remember

So this has been one very special month for me. Two things happened:

1 – Got hired full time
2 – Got my dream car

Item #1, hired full time… Some of you may or may not have known, but I left my former company Simple Star in the City for a consulting job with Centrify Corporation. I’m really enjoying the new job and the great commute. It only takes me 15 min. to get to work and I’m learning a ton of Unix and Linux operating systems. Well as of Nov. 1st, I’m officially employed as a full-time Senior QA Engineer.

Item #2, I’m still in a dream! Last Saturday 11/12, Melanie and I made a visit to Capitol Honda in San Jose. We took a look at something I’ve been wanting since 6th grade, it was my dream car, a Porsche 911. I didn’t think it would happen, but we decided to see what kind of deal we could get. Long story short, Melanie got one great deal and I drove my 1996 Porsche 911 Cabriolet off the lot. Pretty much, Melanie worked the whole deal, since I couldn’t believe this was happening and at one point she looked at me and said, “you look a little pale”.

I’m going on my second week with my dream car and I still can’t believe I have it. I don’t see many up here, I’ve only seen 2, even though I know there are probably a ton, but we went to Napa Valley to visit my mom and saw 4 in one day. It’s crazy how that car is so common up there.

Here’s the only picture of “Silvi”, Melanie named her. I’ll be taking more when I have time.

Click here for the pic of Silvi