Aiden’s first Christmas

Let’s start his off with Aiden meeting Santa. As you can tell it was a big hit from the picture below. Definitely entertaining and we got to live the story that a lot of first time parents tell about their kid crying on Santa’s lap. Either way, we loved the pictures, click on the one below to see the full set:

It’s hard to believe, but Aiden had his first Christmas and in approx. 1 month he’ll be a 1 year old… man does time fly! This Christmas was extra special having him. We went to all our usually holiday get togethers, but this time we had our little bundle of joy with us. It was great having him at our annual Blunt Napa party this year, last year Melanie was pregnant and in 2009 we all said, we’ll have a baby next year and it was wonderful having him this year. The whole crew was great Aiden, especially the kids. We truly missed Auntie April and Ashton, since they were home sick. Check out our pictures, by clicking on the image below:

Christmas Eve was spent at home with the company of both Melanie’s and my family. It was such an INCREDIBLE time and we’re so happy Aiden is here to spoil. Christmas day we went to Auntie Mely’s in Mountain View and Aiden hung out with all his cousins, which were all sick, but so is Aiden and mom, so it didn’t really matter. I’ll have to get the Christmas day pics from Mom, but below are Christmas Eve pics, click on the pic to see the set:

Happy Holidays and New Year everyone!

Aiden update with new pics and vids

Lots of stuff going on in Aiden land. First off he’s stoked that the Giants are in the World Series, can’t you tell from this pic?

Also Aiden started practicing his walking with the help of this cool saucer gizmo that Uncle Steve and Auntie April gave him. Now he’s got that thing down and figured out how to crawl as well. Then yesterday as I was taking video of him crawling, he stood for about 1 second on his own, I was completely thrilled!

He’s a total handful now and at 23 lbs, a bit tough on the back, LOL. Click on the picture below to go to our flickr site and you can see all the videos and pictures. Once you’re there click on the sets that are on the right column.

Melanie’s B-day!

Happy Birthday Melanie! Today was my wife’s birthday and she asked me to cook for her. I love to cook, so I was more than happy to grill up some food for her Bday. My boss and close friend Eric gave me a great Luau Salmon recipe using Cedar Planks and indirect BBQ grilling. I also pulled off a recipe from Food Network for Beer Can Chicken. Both came out great, could’ve used a little more salt/pepper on the Chicken, but it was really tender!

Check out the pictures by clicking on the picture of Melanie below:

Good memories and friends made at this building…

I found out from FB yesterday that my old Sony building where I had my first job in the Silicon Valley was being demo’d. I went by today, since I wanted to take pictures before it was fully demolished and it was a bit sad seeing the site.

I made a lot of friends and had a lot of good memories in that building, I also spent a lot of money in there, since we had the Sony discount store inside.

Rest in peace my good ole friend…

Click on the picture below to see the full album.

Pumpkin Day 2010!

What a fun day with friends. Today we went with the Chins and Matsons, and Sam’s friend Kerstin to Lemos Pumpkin Patch in Half Moon Bay.

This was Melanie and my first pumpkin patch visit, along with our cutie Aiden, the place was really cool and I highly recommend it if you have children. At Lemos we all picked up pumpkins and headed on over to the Chin’s to carve them up. Fun times!

Check out the pics by clicking on Aiden’s solo pic below.

Photo shoot Saturday with Aiden

Aiden will be 8 months on 9/29, man does time fly. One of our good friend’s, Augie, who’s an incredible photographer and was the photographer for our wedding, told me you have to take pictures of Aiden at this age, since it only comes once.

We were fortunate enough to have cousin Ed in the bay area this weekend and I asked him to take some Aiden photos, along with some family shots and man… did Ed take some GREAT shots!

If you want to take a look at the pictures, click on the picture of Aiden below and it will take you to the slideshow on our Flickr site.

If you want to Check out Ed and Augie’s photography, here’s their sites:

Ed’s Site –

Augie’s Site –

Aiden stands!

So Aiden’s been standing by holding on to my shoulders this past week, he’s 6 months as of 7/29. This morning I wanted to see if he could do it on his own, so with Lola Tessie’s help, we got him to stand and I got video of it. There’s 2 videos, but the one in you see below is the second try with the table where he lasted a long time. If you want to check out the video, click the link below:

Click here to see Aiden standing on our Flickr site

Old school concert – Level 42

I’m an avid 80’s music fan, one of my favorite groups in the 80’s was Level 42. Well they’re touring to celebrate 30 years as a band, CrAzy! Aiden will go what the heck is this music?

Anyways, Melanie and I and our friend’s Jo and Nick went to see them last Friday 7/30 at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. I thought they were excellent, Melanie said he sounds like he’s losing his breath, LOL.Check out the pictures on our Flickr site and videos on YouTube.


Bye bye Blackberry, HELLO Droid X!

So I’ve tried about every smartphone OS in the last couple of years, Moto Q, iPhone, Nokia E71, and the Blackberry Tour… You could say I’m well versed in the mobile OS dept. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but up until the Droid X, I actually like the Crackberry, I’d probably still be using it if Android devices were what they were a year ago.

Droid has come a long way and the first device that got my attention first was the Verizon Motorola Droid, I definitely saw some promising features and Droid was growing up. I knew there were more phones on the horizon, HTC Incredible and Evo (Sprint), Motorola Droid X, Motorola Droid 2, and Samsung Galaxy.

One of the main reason I waited so long is I NEVER want to go back to ATT, so I had to wait for a better than the original Droid smartphone on Verizon that would do the trick. The first Droid look good, but I knew better would coming, so I waited…

Well yesterday was the day and I received my Verizon Motorola Droid X and must say I’m EXTREMELY happy with this phone. By far the BEST phone I’ve had to date! All you iPhone lovers need to think twice now, cause all the new Droid phones coming out are going to make a change in the smart phone world. I already have 8 friends that have converted and they all love their Droid’s.

So why do I like it?
– Highly customizable OS
– Very Fast!
– Awesome Network, YAY Verizon!
– Kewl accesories, Home and Car dock (see pictures of home dock)
– Great messaging features
– Too many apps and widgets to count
– Blows away the iPhone (Ya, I’m a bit biased)
– Design, I’ve always liked Motorola’s designs

Anyways, I do love my new phone, click on the image below for a bunch of pics I took of it! If you’re in the market for a new phone, I highly recommend the Droid X or any Droid phone, even if you’re on the horrible network that ATT has.