Father’s day 2011

Aiden got me a really cool gift for Father’s day. It’s a child bike carrier to give him a bike ride, go figure who the gift was for, LOL. It’s pretty cool and has a lot of great reviews on Amazon, but Aiden bought it local at Mike’s bikes in Palo Alto, supporting local business. Anyways, click on the picture below to check out my gift and 1 video of Aiden crusing with me on the bike.

Short, but it’s new…

It’ll be a quick update, since too much stuff these days!

– Mom is well and so far all tests are negative. I never finalized the update, but she’s good, just itchin to drive again, we should hopefully know in the next couple of weeks.

– Re-modeled our bathroom in record time, 2 weeks 4 days. Thanks Skip for working this crazy job with me. Here’s a picture:

– Finally posted some new pics of Aiden this weekend. Check them out…

@ Happy Hollow Park in SJ

@ his backyard swimming pool

As always, click on any of the pictures above to see more. That’s it for now…

Mom update 5:17 pm

Not much to tell, mom completed her tests, but we’re in limbo on if she can come home. Other news today…

I was able to get authorization to access mom’s car and get her property out. Damage isn’t as bad as I expected, but it’s still bad. I’m pretty sure they’ll total it, since I saw some frame damage. I guess they cut the front left wheel well apart since the panel may have jammed the door shut, I thought they cut the door out based on what mom could remember and told me.

Click on the picture below to see more pics of the car:

I’ve also added pics of mom with her EEG test last night. We’re fortunate that everything has turned out well…

Mom update 4:32 pm

Hi Everyone,

So looks like my mom is here one more night, her vitals are still the same (a good thing), but with it being a holiday, the ultrasounds she needs before she’s discharged won’t happen until tomorrow, since they are short staffed. Looks like I get one more night in this not so yummy lazy boy…

Here’s a pic of the initial gang yesterday with Mom

Mom’s pastor, his wife, and daugther with friends came by to visit. They brought her a nice clock in her favorite color blue, then sang and prayed with her. Very thoughtful, especially since they came out all the way from American Canyon.

My cousin Don, Lisa, Nate and Jake also visiited, it’s always great to see them! Nataile is looking great and I’m so happy her Lukemia treatments were successful.

Again, thanks to everyone for the support!

Update on Mom 10:36 am

Hi Everyone,

FB is great for letting everyone know updated info, but they limit the words to update, so I’ll be updating here until mom gets home. As most of you know my mom was in a car accident yesterday, here’s a summary of what happened…

From piecing together the information, it sounds like my mom may have blacked out when driving and making a left onto a residential street as she was going to pick up her cousin. After that, my mom’s next memory was being stuck in the car and the emergency team cutting her out and her seeing smoke from her drivers seat.

According to the nurse and the info on the white board, it may have been a head on collision, so all I know is she blacked out at some point, then when she was conscious again she was in an accident. We don’t have any additional details, other than the police officer let the nurse know the opposite party only had bruised ribs and no fatalities involved. We’ll have to see what the police report says for the final word, but bottom line is that both parties are ok.

I got the call around 11 am that my mom was in an accident, originally the policeman said she was fine, so I wasn’t too stressed, but as we we’re driving to the hospital, I got another call, this time from the ER nurse and said it was a critical situation, so I felt it wasn’t good and we were about 40 min out, so I had them call my aunt who was 15 min away. At that point I just had to stay calm and get there as fast and safe as possible.

When we got to the hospital and the admitting person brought us back to where mom was, Melanie noticed we were being taken to the trauma area, which of course worried both of us. Getting to the room they told us to wait outside, but I was somewhat relieved when I could hear my mom’s voice talking through curtain. I just wasn’t sure how bad it was.

After about 5 min, they let us see her and we all had a BIG relief, since she seemed to be normal other than a bruise on her face, probably from the airbag. The nurse told us she was lucky, through the whole ambulance ride (about 20 min) and when she arrived my mom’s body was paralyzed, but according to my mom she could see and hear everything. No one is sure what caused this and we’re still unsure.

The reason she was lucky is right before we got there, it was so bad that they were ready to intubate, but fortunately my mom was able to bite on the tube, which alerted the team and let them know she was consious and after that her body movement come back, so that’s where we’re at.

My mom is just under obeservation now, the doctor and trauma team curently do not have any indications on what was the cause, so we’re both at the hospital still waiting. I’ll write more when she is either discharged or I find out additional information.

Thanks to everyone for you prayers and thoughts. We’re very blessed that my mom and the other parties are ok.


Today I received a call on my home number telling me the person was from Microsoft and my PC was spreading viruses, so they wanted some info. Fortunately, my career is in computers and so I turned the tables on them and started asking him questions that he should know, but didn’t. I said I probably know more than he did and he tried to comeback with some pretty lame answers, eventually hanging up on me.

There was caller ID, so I tried to call back and got this recorded message and I got a pre-recorded message from the FTC, so I guess they know about it:


For those of you who don’t know about phishing, that’s what this call was. They try to get your personal info by scaring you or mis-representing people/companies. Anyways, the link show comments from multiple people that had the same thing happen to them.


So to all my friends and family, be careful when sharing your info, if you didn’t initiate the inquiry, then it’s probably a hoax.

Aiden’s starting to learn stuff

Aiden’s been getting more active and learning more and more. He’s taking about 2 – 3 steps on this own, learning to fall or sometimes just falling, he got 2 cuts on his lips in less than 24 hours by eating our wood floors.

He’s also starting to learn some pretty cool things and will do them when he feels like it, like Arimunding-munding (a filipino dance we refer to when babies twist their hands), kissing family members, and raising the roof. Check out the video below.

I’ve also included the link to 3 other videos of him eating bread, his crazy Tita Marissa trying to get him to Arimunding-munding, and giving kisses to mama. Click on the picture below and enjoy them on your spare time!