Holiday Visits

So this past weekend, Melanie and I went to our annual Christmas party at the Blunt’s in the Napa Valley. It’s always great to see our close friends, since our lives get so hectic during the year. This year was a shocker to me on how many things changed, that I was never really aware of, I’m pretty sure part of it is the crazy work schedule I have at my new start-up company. So what’s changed? Let me give you the breakdown…

– Jon Lewis got his dream job! 2 weeks ago he moved to Atlanta, CA to be a co-pilot with ASA airlines (subsidiary of Delta), CONGRATS to one of my closesest friends.

– The Bothwell’s got a new pad in St. Helena. Michael and Stephanie moved into a 3 bedroom house, Melanie and I wanted to go by, but with all the other craziness assoc. with the holidays we didn’t get the time, maybe after the New Year…

– Rob and April Castillo had a new baby girl Mya. We knew they were expecting, but found out a month ago they actually had her. We got to see her for the first time at the party.

– The kids got BIG!!!! It’s crazy, but Connor, Alexa, Taylor, Megan, and Barret are all growing up to be beautiful children. I remember when they were all baby’s, but now they’re maturing into great little people.

Check out the pictures at:

Blunt’s Christmas Party

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Tobi and Sarge

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So those were my surprises that I found out at the party. As for the rest of our visit to Napa Valley we saw my dad and gave him his Christmas present (nothing surprises me there), then went to my close friend Ken Robison who has influenced my life greatly to drop of presents for his family. When visiting Ken we got a great surprise and saw Udo Nechutnys, Melanie has heard tons of stories about Udo, I think one of the more famous ones is him kicking me out of his kitchen at the Auberge Du Soleil.

I met Udo through Ken and Udo and his wife Mei are great people. Udo is a world renown chef, google him and you’ll find all kinds of references, he’s currently the chef for Jordan Winery in Sonoma.

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Udo was kind enough to invite us to his house for dinner, something I’ve turned down at least 3 times for who knows what crazy reasons. I told Melanie that I can’t turn him down this time and man was it worth it! Great wine (compliments of Ken) and a 3 course meal, not to mention the great company.

The last leg of our trip was to visit my cousin Don, Lisa, and Natalie. We were there for Natalies birth, but since she was in NICU we never got to meet her. Well this Sunday we finally got the meet the sweet gir and Sunday was suppose to be her real birthday, so we celebrated it. Don’s dad and mom are out visiting, so we the whole Capobres family hung out and had a b-day party for Natalie. It’s great to have my 1st cousin in Cali, since they all grew up in Michigan. Check out the pics…

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Sorry for the long Blog, but I had to talk about my fun ful-filled weekend. If I don’t write before Christmas, everyone have a great holiday!