We’re back from Europe!

Hey Everyone,

So Melanie and I are back from Europe. What a great time we had–we definitely learned to relax and just enjoy. Our favorite country was Italy, the people the country and everything about Italy was wonderful. We spent most of our time there and we were both kinda sad when we left Italy to leave for Switzerland and France.

Melanie wasn’t so happy with Switzerland since she got sick there, but it was beautiful and during our stay all the mountains were covered with snow. I went snowboarding which was awesome, took me over an hour to complete 1 run, part of the reason is probably because I’m out of shape 🙂 It actually snowed our last night there, which was very cool.

France, well… France was just OK for us. We kinda felt it was a little too comercialized and man, were there a ton of us Americans over there. In otherwords, one visit will hold us over for a while. The sites were beautiful and the Eiffel, Art de Triomphe, and Notre Dame are just breath taking. We decided to got out of Paris for a day and see the country side, so we visited Beaune (pronounced “boon” for us english speaking folks). It part of their wine country and it was a cool quaint town. Oh ya, I forgot to mentioned the museums, the art is awesome! I saw a lot of the art that I studied in my History of Art class in college.

Anyways, enough of my ramblings, if you want to check out our pictures click here.