2 busy months!

So it’s been a hectic 2 months and one of the many reasons you haven’t seen a blog here in a while. To summarize, here’s what happened:

-Melanie and I moved to a new place

Click here to see our new place

-Adding new baseboards and trim to the house, then getting our new place painted

-In process of selling our old townhouse

-Every Siphon customer has called with work needed to be done or completed


-Work has been crazy busy at Centrify (My new job)

-Tax season is here, I have to deal with personal and 2 side businesses

-And last, where I’m writing from in my hotel at Sha Tin, Hong Kong. Yes, I was sent to Hong Kong and China for business, Melanie will be meeting me here in 2 weeks. I’ll be updating pics all through the next 2 weeks.

Click here to see pictures of our China trip March 2006

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll post more as my trip goes on, so check back often.