A lonely dinner…

Well I’m on my 5th day in Hong Kong/China and tonight was the first night I went to a restaurant to eat by myself. I hate eating at restaurants by myself, it’s always really awkward and something I hate about travelling on business. I usually like eating at the bar vs. a table, but I’ve noticed out here in China most of the restaurants don’t have bar seating.

Tonight I was eating at “The Spaghetti House”, pretty generic pasta, almost like the Olive Garden and those of you that know me know how much I love that restaurant, NOT! But they do have one killer dessert which is a caramel sago red bean tapioca dessert, think of it as a tapioca creme brulee and it’s yummy!

On the good side this whole week I had some really good company to eat with, Monday – Kang and his wife (QA engineer in China), Tuesday – Actually fell asleep, so I had room service brought it, Wednesday with the WeSoft Hong Kong team, Johnson (nickname Big Johnson) and Victor took me out to the Jockey club and we were joined with Charlie, Harvey, and Vicky, man is that a plush club! I had great drink, food, and a cuban cohiba cigar.

I’ve uploaded some pics from this trip, if you want to check them out, click on the link below