First blog of the New Year 2007

So this is my first blog of the New Year, so let me start off by saying Happy 2007 to everyone out there! Wednesday I started my New Job at and I’m very happy about taking this opportunity. The whole company and environment makes coming to work really enjoyable.

I got initiated with 3 other newbees on Thursday, we got pulled in saying we had to make a lunch speech, then when we came out, we got blasted with silly string. I felt like I was under Spiderman’s web with all the silly string I was under after everyone was done spraying. I knew right then, this would be a great company to work for.

If you’re ever interested in making products with your pictures or want to order some cool products with pictures from companies like Disney, Lucas Arts (Star Wars), Marvel comics, Library of Congress, etc… We have a lot of products, I saw a really cool poster size image of a Fantastic Four comic book cover framed and matted the other day, as well as some pretty cool t-shirts, anyways, you should check it out. We also have this “MySpace” type feature, so you can see all the product I create at “My Zazzle” page:

As for Melanie and I. Our New Year was spent with my cousin’s family Don, Lisa, Natalie, and Jake. I really enjoyed being with them for 4 days, too bad I got sick the first 2 days due to some bad oysters I ate with my friend Schalky the day before we left. Check out the pics:

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Holiday’s were a little less hectic then the previous years. Unfortunately my Grandma is a little weaker these days and can’t really travel, she’s going to be 96 in March. Since she can’t travel, Melanie and I only had to go to her family and my mom’s for the holidays. Usually we also have to go to the Mari’s get-together, which we missed, but it was definitely more relaxing since we didn’t drive so much.

Melanie and I went to Whistler, British Columbia just prior to Thanksgiving were we did some snowmobiling and I did my first bungee jump. We’re planning to go to Disney world in Florida in Feb, so I’m excited about our next trip.
All-in-all we had a great Holiday and I had a really long vacation from Dec. 13 – Jan. 03. I’ve been slowly re-posting pictures to our Galley site, so if you have a chance check out our pictures. All of the pictures are there from the holidays.

Below I also added a video page (new) and inlcuded a link to our first yearly newsletter. The web version of the newsletter is edited, vs the one we e-mailed out. The difference is the web version doesn’t include our contact inf (due to privacy), but if we missed you and want the version we e-mail, please click the e-mail us link below.

Here’s the links:

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