A fun filled weekend!

So Melanie and I had one of our first free weekends in quite some time. I decided I wanted to do something fun Saturday, so on Saturday we started brain storming on what to do. I did some googling and came across tours a the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, CA. We ended up going to Jelly Belly and went on the 40 min. tour. Unfortunately the production is closed on weekends, but it was still fun. I hear it’s even funner during the production, according to my cousin Yoli.

After Jelly Belly, we decided to get really full and get some delicious cuts of Steak at the Cattleman’s in Dixon, after seeing the bar napkin, we found out there are also Cattleman’s in Livermore and Newark, so we’ll have to make a visit to our closer restaurant soon.

Today we had 2 Super Bowl bashes to attend. The first was at the Chan’s, we were there for the first half and had some yummy Zippy’s Chili from Hawaii and homemade ice cream. Then we went for the second half to my Uncle Petong’s place where we had Steak, Lechon, Pancit, Chili, and Auntie Mely’s desserts. This year was definitely for the food and not the game. Click on the links below to see the pictures.

Click here to see pictures of Jelly Belly

Click here to see pictures of the Super Bowl