Our boy Parker had surgery

So as most of our friends and family know we love our two boyz, Parker and Tobi.  Parker and Tobi are miniature schnauzer’s, we’ve had Tobi since he was 12 weeks and we adopted Parker last year.

Click this link to see pictures of Parker and Tobi

On our morning walk yesterday Parker was acting weird when peeing, pretty much he’d sit there for 20-30 sec, then give up.   I didn’t really think much of it, but when I got home to take Tobi and Parker for a walk Parker started doing the same thing.  At this point I got worried and talked to Melanie, where we both decided to take him to the Emegency Pet Clinic, especially with the bad animal food problem happening.  Tobi and Parker get dry food and supposedly this wasn’t affected, but I was stilll worrying.

The Vet on site, informed us Parker was definitely having discomfort, but didn’t seem to have a blocked bladder, wanted to run more tests, x-rays, etc, but I made the call to wait for our normal vet (Dr. Johnson) to look at him in the morning and asked the vet at the ER if we could just give him some pain medication.

This morning we took Parker in and found out he had stones blocking his urethra and had to have emergency uresthrostomy surgery.  Parker went through the procedure this afternoon and came out like a champ, I’m monitoring him right now and it’s kind of messy, since he has an open wound, but we’re happy he’s peeing again.

Parker has another surgery scheduled for Tuesday, since he has smaller stones and they need to flush those out.  We’re just happy Parker is doing well…  Here’s some pictures of him after surgery, CAUTION: 2 of the pics are a little nasty.

Click here for Parker’s after surgery pictures

We’re hoping the Tuesday surgery goes just as well.

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