Parker's home!

So Parker came home from the hospital yesterday. Melanie said that our vet said she wants to be his godmother, so if anything happens to us she gets him 🙂 Melanie and I are happy to have Parker back home, he was a little sluggish yesterday, but this morning we saw his tail wagging (at least what little he has of tail, it’s more his rear going moving back and forth).

You can tell Parker has some pain, you would too if you got cut-up like he did in his abdomen. We try to comfort him though by giving his pain meds. Hopefully the healing process goes fast and we have our Parker back to normal.

What’s been really cool throughout this is his brother Tobi senses something’s wrong with Parker and hes been hanging close by to keep him company. I’ve added some new pictures to our flickr site, click the link below.

Click here for more pictures of Parker

Also if you have Yahoo Messenger, you can check out his webcam by clicking the “View Webcam” option under the “Actions” menu item and you can see live video of Parker and Tobi (That’s how I’m monitoring them while I’m at work today)

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