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So I have a bunch of mini-blogs I want to write and here it is…

 Napa Valley Castle or it’s real name the “Castello di Amorosa”

If you’re ever in the Napa Valley there’s a new tourist site in town which you should check out.  It’s a castle Sattui built in the Napa Valley.  I went there with Melanie, my mom, and cousins and it’s pretty cool.  Check out the pictures on flickr, below is a pic of the castle front and the URL if you want to visit.

And click on the castle picture below to see our flickr pics of the castle.

My new toy…  Melanie and I had our 5 year anniversary this year, man how time flies.  Anyways, she got me a really cool toy for my present, it’s the new Motorola Razr 2.  Ya people are getting tired of the Razr, but I think the new design is pretty cool and made well.  It’s made of Stainless steel and has 2 really cool video screens, plus I no longer have big brick in my pocket (the Treo 650).  I’ve added more pictures on our flickr site, but here’s one pic of my cool new phone and you can see all of them by clicking on the picture.

Oh ya, I should mention I created a new “wish list” gadget page which also lists the gadgets I’ve acquired, check it out at:

And my last mini-blog for the day is that I spotted a US “Smart” Car in the parking lot at Fry’s the other day, check out the pics on flickr by clicking on the picture below.

2 thoughts on “The multi blog”

  1. Paul and Melanie,
    It was nice to see you this weekend! Great choice for lunch, we really enjoyed it; and thanks for the Napa suggestions. We hit the deli for lunch and the leftovers ended up being our dinner as well.

    Hope we’ll see you again soon!

    Take Care,
    Andy & Sarita

  2. Andy and Sarita, glad you had a good time in the Napa Valley and it was great to see both of you. As for seeing us soon, when did you want me to set-up some interviews for you here in Cali?


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