Back from Hawaii…

Melanie and I got back from Hawaii last weekend, it’s been so crazy at work (I worked a 31 hour day the first day back), but I’ve finally been able to get the pictures up this weekend.

We went out for my cousin Roger’s and his wife Amy’s wedding and visted with my close friend’s the Nakamura’s in Oahu for 4 days, then we went to Kauai for 6 days.   Jared, Colleen, and their beautiful daughter Jolie (Jo Jo) flew out from Mon – Wed, and Rad was there for Monday and Tuesday.  It was very much needed vacation and it was so awesome meeting Jo Jo, plus a great trip all-around.

Below are pictures you can click on to see our Hawaii picture, enjoy…

 Roger and Amy’s Wedding

 Our Picture’s In Oahu and Kauai

At the beach with the Yoli and Tim after the wedding

Pictures of Jolie (Jo Jo) Nakamura

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