Memorial Day Weekend 4 Wheeling

So I went back to Hollister for a second run at 4 wheeling.  This time Melanie was able to join me and we hung out with our friend’s Danny and Katie.  It was a blast and Melanie did great driving off-road.  We also had a pretty good laugh, since we were hanging out in one of the obstacle areas when this row of clean cut, dressed in Dolce, too much cash to burn, middle age couples rolled up in about Six LR3’s and Range Rovers with their Safari looking tour guide that moved rocks out of their way. 

Melanie couldn’t resist taunting them with our 200K mile,1990 4 Runner, and my friend Danny taking up the rear with his Jeep when they were all being guided on the trails to take by Safari Jim.  Check out the funny video below where Danny is in the Rover line up, bringing up the rear.

[viddler id=56532b3f&w=437&h=370]

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