My 2 fun flights to China

So Tuesday I boarded another United 747 for China, which would be my 3rd flight to China since June.  Little did I know what was soon to come…

Flight #1 to Hong Kong

Boarded the flight left the runway about 1:25 pm, then the pilot said we had to turn-back to get an airleak fixed.  We sat in the airplane at the gate, which initially was suppose to be a 20 min fix turn in, unloading the plane twice, then a re-schedule for a 6 pm departure since the flight crew went passed their normal hours.  Along my 5 hour wait, I experienced a HOT plane, due to the air conditioner not working and a chinese man taking off his shirt, leaving him with his white undershirt tank-top.  He also was burping very nicely and eating a peach that ended up with him pulling out his toothpick and making all kind of sucking sounds.

Finally at 6 pm, we loaded up the plane and started our journey to China.  Unfortunately for me, my friendly Chinese friend kept moving and hitting me about every 30 min, so I really didn’t get any rest.  Here’s some pics of the angry crowds:

Flight #2 to Shanghai

So from Hong Kong, I had to take a domestic filght to Shanghai on Dragon Air.  Trip went really well, up until the end.  I was pretty much waken up to a gagging sound accross the isle.  A young lady started throwing up on our decent, it wasn’t pretty.

Well I’m in Suzhou now and nothing fun to report.  I’ll update when I get some exciting news like my fights

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