Finally got my tattoo!

So after having to move my appointment twice, I finally got my tattoo today.  My cousin Cyrene did the original artwork and I asked my tattoo artist Orly to interpret how it should look on my arm.  With such an incredible piece of art from my cousin and Orly’s interpretation of the design, I am totally STOKED with the final result.  For those of you who haven’t kept up, the design is the the Filipino star and sun, with my grandmother and mom’s Filipino nicknames in Baybayin (we removed Melanie’s name at that last minute, due to a tattoo taboo associated with tattooing your wife’s name onto your body).

For those of you who haven’t had a tattoo, I’m pretty good with pain, but the first 15 – 20 min is more pain then I expected.  After that the area gets a bit numb and it’s tolerable.  The sitting was 2 hours and I only had to have 1 session.  I may have to go back for some touch-ups, but this is the final design.  Below is my tattoo, click on the picture to see all my pics, which shows Orly inking me and pictures of the studio in San Jose, Humble Beginnings.  Also there’s a video in my flickr set if you want to see the action of getting a tattoo.

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