Holiday cheers, not steals!

So I’m heading out to work today and low and behold, someone jacked my holiday lawn seal.  That really bites!  I go and tell Melanie, then get back in the car again and look at my neighbors lawn.  Guess what?  The same schmos, seem to have taken my neighbor’s holiday inflatable Santa.  How lame!

I can’t believe people are actually going around and stealing lawn ornaments!   What’s odd is I guess the deers, candy canes, and snowflakes aren’t in demand in the lawn ornament black market, since those weren’t stolen from either of our lawns.

The only good thing about this stealing of lawn ornaments is that Parker (my dog) pissed on the seal multiple times, so at least their getting a seal that smells like urine.  Below is the picture of my stolen seal, if you see him, bring him back to us, urine smell and all 🙂

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