Update on Aiden

Aiden and mama are doing well, Aiden was circumcised today, so he’s had a few grumpy moments. A BIG THANKS to everyones congrats and calls. As some of you have probably figured out we haven’t been able to answer our e-mails and phone calls as much as we’d like. We’re loving all the messages, so keep them coming.

I’ve added more pictures of Aiden on our Flickr site, he has some really cute pics on “Day 3”, so enjoy them. Of course Melanie and I think he’s the cutest little baby, but then we’re a tad bit biased. Click on the picture below to go to our Flickr site.

One thought on “Update on Aiden”

  1. CRAZY…time goes so fast…i just signed on flickr and was trying to figure out how to add pro and thought to ask you…then i saw your little guy! he truly is adorable…congratulations and keep the photos coming (like i have to tell you to do that!) love, denise (manuel, sea and story)

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