Aiden’s 2 Months old

So Aiden had his 2 month check up and he had to get 4 vacinations, 3 of which were long needles into each leg and he wasn’t happy. But doc said he’s looking good, Melanie and I are just getting frustrated with this mucusy nose, but I guess it’s normal, we actually think it’s allergies. For those of you that have infants or toddlers, this is a “must have”, get the “NoseFrida” snotsucker, looks gross but does an incredible job!

Added more videos of Aiden and posted some model shots! Click on the picture below to see his latest model session, then on the link below for his latest videos.

Click here to see the latest Aiden Videos

One thought on “Aiden’s 2 Months old”

  1. oh my goodness! he is just such an adorable combination of both of you…love that you are keeping up on the small moments of his life…enjoy them before he grows too fast and runs away…(or run with him, like i try to do with ours…)

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