Aiden’s first words

Well kind of his first words… Aiden has learned a new language from his furry brother’s. Aiden started growling 2 Friday’s back, then last Friday my friend Rajesh came by and we were having Aiden growl for him. Parker was growling and he said, did he learn that from the dogs? WOW, I think Rajesh hit it on the spot. So Aiden’s first words are from Parker and Tobi. A Clip of his growling is below.

As for Aiden, he’s 16 lbs 6 oz., doctor said he’s in the 75% percentile, he had his 4 month checkup last Friday and vaccinations, so we’ve been dealing with all the aftermath issues, like vomiting and being grouchy, but he’s been a trooper, along with his mommy and doing well. I haven’t been able to spend as much time helping with him during the weekends, since I’m still moving our living room and bedroom, my wall mounted TV has turned into a nitemare project, but yesterday I’m finally at a good point, so hopefully next weekend I’ll be done.

The week before his doc appt. he got the stomach flu and wasn’t holding down any food, he was put on the pedialyte diet (kind of like gatorade/pepto for kids). But today he seemed to be back to normal. My close friend Robyn came to visit Memorial weekend and I found out she’s expecting, CONGRATS!!!! It looks like Aiden gave her man Jeff, the Tamura family, and Robyn a stomach flu bug, sooooo sorry Tamura’s!

One last goodie on Aiden is the doctor gave us approval for some solid food, so we’ve started the rice cereal and Melanie will be picking up some other food goodies today. He’s also starting to roll-over, so between that and food, we’ll have some new videos, so check back soon!

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