Not another job

Yes, that’s right, I have another job. All my friend’s and family can’t keep up with where I work, but hopefully I’ll be at this company for a while. Why did I get another job? I can explain this with 2 words “start-up” and “commute”.

My old company Simple Star is based in San Francisco, which is about a 1 – 1 1/2 hour commute (depending on traffic) each way. It was very much a start-up company and with the long hours at work, plus commuting was really hard on me.

The sad part about me leaving is it’s a really cool company and I’m sure they will be extremely successful. If you’re looking for really easy photo software, go try PhotoShow Deluxe 4, here’s the link:

Also, here’s my old job if you’re interested:

QA Manager – Consumer photo software and web applications

Now onto info about my new job…

My new job is in Mountain View about a 15 min commute for me and I’m a QA Consultant (hopefully I’ll be permanent soon). The company is Centrify and we create software that allows computer’s with different operating systems (mac/linux/unix) to communicate with a component on Windows 2003 Servers called Active Directory. Kind of confused? Pretty much the software allows these other types of computers to use a Windows server environment.

I’m really excited about this opportunity since I get to test networking enviroments which has always interested me. Here’s some pictures of my new digs and the building:

Company Info:

My Office View

My office view at Centrify

My Cubical

My cubical at Centrify

The Centrify Building (We’re on the 11th floor, second from the top)

The Centrify Building

Hopefully you won’t see another post on this subject in a while.