Vacation’s over

So I had a great week off, my mom came out and hung out until Friday, then Melanie and I went to Guerneville to visit an old friend where Melanie partied a little too much! Saturday we went to Clos du Bois with some of Melanie’s friends and had some wine, cheese, and salami.

Melanie and I joined Weight Watcher’s last week and we’re both on our way to eating healthier, we went to our first follow-up meeting and results were great, both Melanie and I lost weight on our first week, YAY!

Now that vacation is over I had my first day at my new job today. It’s really fun and exciting, not that installing Linux would be much fun for many people, but I love learning new things! I also found out we have our 1st annual company picnic this Sat. which is at Great America, very cool!

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