Found a new favorite dessert in China

So I’ve been trying a lot of desserts in China. As of this afternoon, it was this dessert called hot pudding. Pretty much it’s tapiocca pudding, with red bean in the middle, then carmelized sugar on top like a creme brulee. It’s served warm and very yummy.

I ate at a Vietnamese restaurant tonight and ordered this drink that I thought was juice, it was labeled “Mango, AloeVera, and Mint drink” It came out and OH was it yummy! It’s an exotic Icee, pretty much the bottom is Mango slushy, Top is Mint, then there’s these cubes that taste like lychee, but I guess they’re aloe vera. Check out the pic.

Mango, Aloe Vera, Mint Drink

Anyways, one more day until Melanie get’s out there to enjoy this wonderful food with me. I’ve added some new pics to food and 2 pictures to Shenzhen if you’re interested.

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