Home sweet home

Melanie and I just got back from Hong Kong today and we’re really happy to be back. As great of an experience China was, it’s always nice to be home again. Expecially me, since I’ve been gone for 2.5 weeks. We were so happy to see our Tobi Tobi! The only bad thing about being back is Melanie and I are fighting off sickness. I ate something bad our last 2 days in China that definitely didn’t agree with my stomach and Melanie thinks she’s getting sick. I guess there’s always a good chance of that happening when you travel. Anyways, we’re happy to be home again and just in time for my Grandmothers 95th birthday this weekend.

If you haven’t looked lately, all our pictures from China have been posted. My ISP (Internet Service Provider) has been moving servers, so if the site isn’t up when you check, just come back and check again.

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