Crazy Busy!

So I haven’t posted a blog in a while, since Melanie and I have been really busy with work, the new house, social events and our new dog Parker. Let’s get you caught up…

End of January – Purchased a new place

February – Unpacking, selling the old place, and getting rid of all the old looking stuff in the new place. What I mean by getting rid of the old stuff is, drapes, gold accessories, ceiling fans, base and door trim, and painting the new place.

March – Went to China, where I was blogging like mad. Found out my buddy Shinny got married while I was out there, CONGRATS to the new couple, and also meet up with two old and close friend Eric and JJ.

April – Got older by a year, checked out the Hearst Castle with Melanie, and Melanie and I met my friend Alan’s fiance Joann

May – Grandma had her 95th birthday and everyone came out, went to Las Vegas for a training, then to Reno for my friend Brian’s bachelors party, lost a lot of money in both gambling cities, and Melanie and I went to one of the most incredible wedding’s we’ve been to, Congrats to Mike and Thuy

June – Ya it’s the start of the month and it’s already hectic. Got a new Heartland shed put into the back yard, man is this thing big! Cleared out the garage and now we have room for two cars. Melanie and I also have 2 Weddings to attend, one of which I’m in and Melanie and I pretty much have this whole month booked.

Well that’s sums it up! Check out our picture page when you get a chance. We’ve uploaded pictures of Parker (the new dog), grams 95th, mike and thuy’s wedding, and the shed. Here’s the URLs:

Pics of Parker

Grandma’s 95th Birthday

Mike and Thuy’s wedding

The new shed, which allows us to park two car in our garage