Love the Best Buy Warranty

So for high-priced items, I tend to purchase Best Buy extended warranties.  For the past couple of months my Gateway 21″ LCD has been getting darker and darker.  I took it into Best Buy for them to look at over a month ago and was informed this week that they were junking my LCD monitor and giving me a replacement.

 Today I got my BEAUTIFUL replacement.  It cost me an addition $50, plus the new warranty I had to purchase, but my new LCD is INCREDIBLE!!!  They just got these bad boys in, the 28″ Hanns-G HG281D and it displays at 1920 x 1200, check out the specs at: 

I was originally going to upgrade to the LG 24″, but they just got these in and I decided to roll the dice, since I couldn’t pass up an additional 4″.  I’m glad I went with the Hanns-g and I am one happy camper and totally recommend the Hanns-G brand.  Below is a pic of my new LCD on my desk, click on the pic if you want to see more pictures.  BTW, that’s a 17″ LCD next to it on the left, so you can get an idea of how big it is 🙂

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