Old Skool gaming revived with PaRappa

I was at GameStop this weekend and low and behold I saw one of my favorite games I use to play on the Playstation 1 for the PSP, which was PaRappaTheRapper.  Of course I couldn’t resist and I had to pick it up.  For you Dance Revolution/Guitar Hero fan’s, you should check this game out, it was one of the first of the coordination/rythm games and I’m having a blast playing it again.

The new stuff is they’ve included remixed levels you can download, for level 1 there were 4 new versions, I still have to download the other levels.  Also there’s a game sharing mode for the first level even if your friend’s don’t own the game.

I highly recommend the purchase, don’t expect killer graphics, just fun game play and you’ll get to see how good your rythm really is…  Like all my other blogs, click on the pic below if you want to see some other shots.

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