Belly sleeping for Aiden!

I’m so excited! Today I happened to be working from home and I put Aiden on his belly for his nap, expecting the usually whining when he woke up and him being on his belly wanting to be picked up, I went in to check on him and notice he was rolling aroud, but not fussy, so I left him alone. I went in a second time and he was on his side, so I’m thinking “maybe he’ll roll-over on his own”. So I left again, then about 2 min later I came back and he was on his back, YAY!

This was the milestone for Aiden to sleep on his belly, according to friend’s and the doctor, we couldn’t have him sleep on his belly until he learned to roll-over. Both Melanie and I were waiting for that day, since he sleeps better on his belly.

I was able to catch 3 roll-overs on video, the most recent one is with his sleep sack on. I asked my “baby reference” friend Andy what to do since I didn’t think he could roll-over in the sleep sack. He said he should be able to, so I put it on him and “bam” he rolled over. Check out the video below with the sleep sack roll-over, he’s a little whiney in the begining. If you want to view more, click on the link below the video.

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