Living room finished!

So close to 2 months now, I’ve been battling with wall mounting our plasma TV, so we can call the living room finished! The problems were…

– Dealing with installing Electrical
– Having issue with the TV inputs
– HDMI switcher not working due to quality of HDMI cable
– Installing another more shielded HDMI cable
– Having to buy extenders for a lot of the cables mounted in the wall

But patching the holes and painting went smooth!

Today I finished, below is the completed project and we can now relax in our new living room. Click on the picture if you want to see all the pics.

Belly sleeping for Aiden!

I’m so excited! Today I happened to be working from home and I put Aiden on his belly for his nap, expecting the usually whining when he woke up and him being on his belly wanting to be picked up, I went in to check on him and notice he was rolling aroud, but not fussy, so I left him alone. I went in a second time and he was on his side, so I’m thinking “maybe he’ll roll-over on his own”. So I left again, then about 2 min later I came back and he was on his back, YAY!

This was the milestone for Aiden to sleep on his belly, according to friend’s and the doctor, we couldn’t have him sleep on his belly until he learned to roll-over. Both Melanie and I were waiting for that day, since he sleeps better on his belly.

I was able to catch 3 roll-overs on video, the most recent one is with his sleep sack on. I asked my “baby reference” friend Andy what to do since I didn’t think he could roll-over in the sleep sack. He said he should be able to, so I put it on him and “bam” he rolled over. Check out the video below with the sleep sack roll-over, he’s a little whiney in the begining. If you want to view more, click on the link below the video.

Aiden’s first words

Well kind of his first words… Aiden has learned a new language from his furry brother’s. Aiden started growling 2 Friday’s back, then last Friday my friend Rajesh came by and we were having Aiden growl for him. Parker was growling and he said, did he learn that from the dogs? WOW, I think Rajesh hit it on the spot. So Aiden’s first words are from Parker and Tobi. A Clip of his growling is below.

As for Aiden, he’s 16 lbs 6 oz., doctor said he’s in the 75% percentile, he had his 4 month checkup last Friday and vaccinations, so we’ve been dealing with all the aftermath issues, like vomiting and being grouchy, but he’s been a trooper, along with his mommy and doing well. I haven’t been able to spend as much time helping with him during the weekends, since I’m still moving our living room and bedroom, my wall mounted TV has turned into a nitemare project, but yesterday I’m finally at a good point, so hopefully next weekend I’ll be done.

The week before his doc appt. he got the stomach flu and wasn’t holding down any food, he was put on the pedialyte diet (kind of like gatorade/pepto for kids). But today he seemed to be back to normal. My close friend Robyn came to visit Memorial weekend and I found out she’s expecting, CONGRATS!!!! It looks like Aiden gave her man Jeff, the Tamura family, and Robyn a stomach flu bug, sooooo sorry Tamura’s!

One last goodie on Aiden is the doctor gave us approval for some solid food, so we’ve started the rice cereal and Melanie will be picking up some other food goodies today. He’s also starting to roll-over, so between that and food, we’ll have some new videos, so check back soon!

Aiden’s 2 Months old

So Aiden had his 2 month check up and he had to get 4 vacinations, 3 of which were long needles into each leg and he wasn’t happy. But doc said he’s looking good, Melanie and I are just getting frustrated with this mucusy nose, but I guess it’s normal, we actually think it’s allergies. For those of you that have infants or toddlers, this is a “must have”, get the “NoseFrida” snotsucker, looks gross but does an incredible job!

Added more videos of Aiden and posted some model shots! Click on the picture below to see his latest model session, then on the link below for his latest videos.

Click here to see the latest Aiden Videos

New and Improved!

So I’ve been purchasing some domains and with Aiden here, I wanted to make our blog to be more of a family site. If you’re reading this, then welcome to our new site! We’ve been very busy with Aiden, so I’ve had gap in updates, but I should be uploading some new pictures and videos soon (Yes Tasha, you’ll be getting your fix again). Hope you enjoy the new site and the address is easy to remember, just think of Melanie’s last name, San Pedro, and my last name which is Salcedo, so the site is, by the way this also happens to be Aiden’s middle and last name.



Aiden is Home!

Hi Everyone,

Wow, Melanie and I are exhausted, but loving every minute with our new boy Aiden. This is the first time in 3 days that I’ve actually had time to update our blog and of course it’s at 12:45 am!

Aiden was discharged from the NICU late Wednesday evening, we thought it would be yesterday, so we were THRILLED, to say the least, that he got to go home a day earlier. As of Wed. morning Aiden’s Jaundice count was at 10.2 and by the evening it was 8.7. We thought he wasn’t going home, since our nurse said after the “blue lights” were removed you tend to see a spike in numbers again, but this wasn’t the case with Aiden and the NICU doc said he was ready to go home.

Since his discharge, Melanie and I have a feeding schedule every 3 hours for him, which tend to last an hour or longer. We are so tired, but SO HAPPY!  Aiden is a bundle of joy and Melanie and I are so happy that he’s part of our family. I call Aiden “My little man”, he has some of the best expressions and is such a cute kid, again… YES, we’re biased 🙂

Today he had his first doctors appt, post NICU release.  His weight went from 6.5 lbs to 6.11 lbs, so I guess all those feedings are working.  Doctor said he was looking good, but we’re scheduled for another appt. next Thursday, hopefully the progress keep moving upwards.  Aiden also got to make his first trip to Babies R Us on his way home, I’m sure we’ll have a few more of those in the future.

Below is a pic of the new family. Tobi (the grey schnauzer) is still trying to figure him out, but Parker (the black schnauzer) is well adjusted, since we’re his second family and the previous family had 3 kids for him to grow up with. Click on the picture below to see our latest pictures.